Principal Desk

IC Principal Desk

EMRS KHAIRI-PARSODA is a symbol of progressive and quality education. In our school children  gain an all round education as well as they achieve their potential in the field of sports and creative arts.


             Our school aims at bringing out the best of tribal talent. It was also felt that tribal children from remote areas of Maharashtra should be provided opportunities to progress at a faster pace by making good quality education available to them irrespective of their capacity to pay for it. Such education would enable students from tribal localities to compete with their counter parts from the main stream on an equal footing; seamlessly assimilating and inter acting them into the mainstream of the society.


Most importantly at the school, we are a team of dedicated teachers and staff committed to the betterment of Tribal children under our care. The importance of instilling of good values in our tribal students is one of the most significant objectives of our school.


As a Principal of reputed EMRS KHAIRI-PARSODA, our aim is to make education a fun filled, enjoyable learning , and growing experience on the solid foundation of values. We believe it is important to create environment where students look eagerly forward to come to school.


 Aristotle once said that, "Educating the minds without educating the hearts is no education at all". Therefore on the basis of guidelines & directives of MoTA and TDD, our school is imparting quality education to make our students good and responsible human beings of the society and contribute to a strong nation building.